Copyright 1999
Dulcimers By Jeff
My Bowed Psaltery's are handmade in the beautiful hills of Eastern Kentucky (Elliott County).

Each instrument is a One-Of-A-Kind.  The Psaltery you will receive will have an actual violin bow for superior performance!

No two instruments look or sound exactly alike.

All my Bowed Psalteries are constructed of quality materials.  Each Psaltery comes with a Violin Bow, Rosin, Instruction Book, Tuner and two extra strings.

The Bowed Psaltery is an easy to play instrument, even if you don't know anything about music.

It is played by using a bow and playing one string at a time.  Each Psaltery comes with an actual Violin Bow and Rosin.

Each Bowed Psaltery has 25 strings -  a fully chromatic range of just over 2 octaves.  My Psaltery's are considered to be Soprano Psaltery's.

23" long - 8 ½" wide at base - 1 5/8" deep

The included instruction book explains holding and bowing the psaltery as well as how to use the Tablature.

An easy to follow number system makes it possible to learn quickly.

Hardwood tops (Usually Walnut or Cherry) and Birch Veneer backs provide excellent tone and volume.